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Dean Toriumi, M.D.

Dr. Toriumi is a facial plastic surgeon in Chicago who specializes in rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and aging face surgery. He has been recognized as an expert in aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty in the popular and scientific press. In November of 2000, W Magazine named Dr. Toriumi one of the five best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. Chicago Magazine's 2004 "Top Doctors" issue also profiled Dr. Toriumi. He was voted by his peers as one of Chicago's best physicians and was featured on the front cover. Dr. Toriumi has co-authored two major textbooks, "Open Structure Rhinoplasty" and the "Rhinoplasty Dissection Manual." He has lectured on rhinoplasty and performed live surgery in Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and the United States.

Dr. Toriumi's active practice in facial plastic surgery includes blepharoplasty (eye tuck), browlift (endoscopic browlift), rhytidectomy (facelift), facial liposuction, and laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Toriumi strives for a natural appearance in both his aging face surgery and rhinoplasty operations. His goal is for his patients to look refreshed and younger yet keep their natural facial appearance. A conservative approach is the key to his success using time tested techniques to help avoid complications and an unnatural look. Dr. Toriumi's rhinoplasty philosophy emphasizes strong nasal support to ensure a predictable long-term outcome. As such, structural grafting is a fundamental component of a strong nasal framework.

Dr. Toriumi is a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Chicago, teaching facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to the residents and fellows. He co-authored a medical textbook entitled "Open Structure Rhinoplasty" which describes a popular technique in rhinoplasty surgery. More recently, Dr. Toriumi also published a "Rhinoplasty Dissection Manual' which covers many of the techniques he presently utilizes. He also has published countless medical papers as well as numerous book chapters on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is frequently invited all over the world to speak at medical meetings, and to teach at courses on all aspects of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Toriumi is also involved in several research projects that are related to reconstructive surgery of the head and neck.

Dr. Toriumi participates in a fellowship program sponsored by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, teaching his specialized techniques. Dr.Toriumi is the past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. A strong academic background, prolific medical writing, valuable research and excellent clinical results provide Dr. Toriumi with great respect amongst his peers.

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